Relationship Problems

Do you experience:

  • Being overly-sensitive or defensive in the presence of your partner?
  • Constantly communicating at cross purposes or frequently misunderstanding one another?
  • Trust issues around your companion?
  • Unduly pessimistic about the future of your relationship?
  • Diminished sexual activities?

Relationship Problems can be treated

If 'yes', then your relationship could benefit immensely from counselling. Relationship counselling can refer to the improved relationship between other family members (e.g. between parents and children; or between siblings, work colleagues or even between best friends) and not just between romantic partners.

The treatment is guided by helping individuals in a relationship discover and address the underlying issues leading to friction in their relationship

The Benefits of Relationship Counselling include:

  • Reconnecting with the positive qualities of the person you are in a relationship with.
  • Feeling more at ease once suppressed problems have finally been addressed and resolved
  • Re-engaging in quality time spent together
  • A re-vitalised sex life

Solve your Relationship Problems with Mona Hansen

Mona Hansen uses a pragmatic solution-focused approach to couples therapy that cuts straight to the heart of the matter without the need for excessive analytical work, reducing the amount of sessions needed. Her approach involves:

  • Identifying the real underlying messages present in communication which are often missed
  • Rapid processing of past hurts and grievances allowing individuals to be able to move on past old sticking points
  • A practical goal-focused approach that gets couples to understand their unmet needs in the relationship and then be clear about what needs to happen for those needs to be met
  • Practical advice and tips to foster empathy, reduce misunderstandings and misinterpretations and to communicate to your partner in a way that will get through to them

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